Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Demonstration of How to connect Firefox OS phone (Keon) to a Linux computer for APP pushing

This tutorial explains, how we can connect Keon (FirefoxOS Device) on a Linux (Ubuntu 13.04) operating system, so that we can easily push a FxOS application on the keon device. 

1. Firefox Web browser 26 onwards installed on a Desktop/laptop computer
2. FirefoxOS Device (Keon) with FirefoxOS version 1.2 onwards. 

1. Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge) add-on in Firefox Web browser on Desktop/laptop.  URL:

2. Connect FirefoxOS Device (keon) to the Desktop/laptop computer using a USB cable.

3.  Launch Firefox Web browser, and open App Manager. To open App Manager go to Tools -> Web Developer -> App Manager

4. Following screenshot shows that the "App Manager" is unable to recognize the FirefoxOS device.  It shows "????????????". 

It means that Linux operating system is not configured with android rule set to detect the Keon device. 

5. Open the Terminal and run  "lsusb" command when your keon device is connected to your computer using USB cable.  Following screenshot shows the output of the command:

On my computer the Keon device (FirefoxOS hardware) is recognized as "Qualcomm, Inc". 

Note the number 05c6:8013. In this number, the first part 05c6 is the vendor ID and the second part 8013 is the device ID.

6. Now create a file using the sudo user with the name of the file "51­-android.rules" in the directory "/etc/udev/rules/".

7. Write following line in the file.
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="05c6", ATTR{idProduct}=="8013", MODE="0666"

Replace 05c6 and 8013 numbers with the number you observed in the lsusb output according to the step 5.

8. Save the file and reboot the computer.

9. Now launch Firefox Web browser and open App Manager, while Keon is connected to the computer using USB cable. We should see following output. 

Above screenshot shows that Keon is recognized as full_keon. Click on it and a confirmation message will be prompted on your mobile device as shown in the following screenshot. 

Click on the OK button and Your FirefoxOS device will be get connected with the App Manager and you will be able to Push apps on the device. 

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